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Exposed Updates 03.02.09

March 3, 2009

Exposed is a few short days away. We have some last minute updates to share with you all.

Saturday Evening Event at Macayo’s
The Saturday evening event will be held Macayo’s, which is just a brisk 12 minute walk away from the College of Design. Mingle, network, have deep conversations and perhaps even find your Design Research soul mate while eating Mexican food and sipping on margaritas. After you’ve had your share at Macayo’s, you should make your way a few blocks south on Ash Avenue for the Mini Mini show at Cartel Coffee House, sponsored by Spraygraphic, and just one block further if you would like to grab yet another drink at Casey Moore’s Oyster House, a low-key place with a serious beer garden.

We’re Still Accepting Submissions to the Design Research SHOW-N-TELL!
Saturday afternoon at 5:30 in the Design Gallery participants can put their tools, documents, methods, portfolios and other design research miscellany on display. We’re hoping to get a maximum amount of people to bring some artifacts, so sign up here for space:

If you don’t manage to sign up by the conference date, just bring your stuff and we’ll try to squeeze in some room for you!

And lastly, don’t fret if you can’t remember all of this stuff, we’ll have plenty of information about it at the conference.

We’ll see you all here in sunny (seriously, its already in the 80s) Arizona in a few days!

Exposed Updates 2/19/09

February 20, 2009

We’ve got some big updates about the Exposed schedule that cover Design 3.0, Bowling, a Show and Tell session, and some other killer happenings. Its all laid out for you below:

Speaker: GK VanPatter of Humantific

GK VanPatter and his organizations Humantific and NextD have been vocal about changing face of design. Mr. VanPatter will explain what Design 3.0 and Design Research’s role in it with his 2 part talk NextD / Making Sense of Design 3.0 Understanding the futures that have already arrived and Humantific / Making Thinkmospheres Transparent How understanding human-behavior changes everyday innovation.

Preconference Event: Bowling with the early arrivers and IDSA student chapter
If you are arriving for the conference Thursday night (or are already in the area) you should stop by Sparky’s Den at the ASU Memorial Union to pow wow with Exposed participants and students from ASU. We’ll also be doing early registration here.
Location of Memorial Union can be found here:

Design Research Show and Tell
Got it? Flaunt it! Want it? Come and get it!
Please join us Saturday afternoon for a design research show-n-tell. All participants, speakers, and workshop leaders are invited to bring examples of their research. You’ll be asked to sign up after you have registered.
More info here:

Saturday Night Event & Mini Mini Art Show
Saturday evening, after the Design Research show and Tell, we’ll be holding a closing event party. We’re still working on the venue and details, but it’ll likely include a nice outdoor environment food, some drinks, and will be near the Mini Mini Art Show held by SprayGraphic at Cartel Coffee Lab on Saturday evening. Its a separate event from Exposed, but if you are interested in participating click the link above or email

Last but not least, we will also be asking registrants if they would like to be involved in Linda Yaven’s Rapid Response session. Participants in this session will have to teach the crowd something in 7 minutes. No PowerPoint required, or desired!

As always, direct your questions and comments at:

Schedule, New Speakers and Workshops Added!

February 13, 2009

Everything is finally starting to solidify in the Exposed schedule. If you head on over to the Schedule page of the website, you’ll find a detailed schedule with times for workshops and speakers.

All that is left to announce are some details about our closing speaker and some peripheral activities going on in the Phoenix area during the event. Below I’ll outline some of the updates. As always, if you have any questions, send me an email at

Bryan Walker, IDEO


We’re super excited about Bryan’s talk called: “Breathing Life into Buildings:
How IDEO applies its research methods to environment design”

Linda Yaven, California College of the Arts


Linda is going to be moderating a two hour session on Friday afternoon titled “Rapid Knowledge Transfer: Teach Us Something in 7 Minutes” that will engage all of our workshop leaders as well as participants to share their knowledge and learn how to communicate in new ways.

Gravity Tank Workshop


The details of Scott Ternovits & Teaque Lenahan and their workshop “Workshop: Fish, Rats, and Superheroes: Innovation Demands a Different Way of Working” have been updated.

Jump Associates’ Workshop

Alyson Madrigan, Catherine Howard & Lara Lee, three of Jump Associates’ best, will be giving a workshop titled “Knowledge by doing: co-designing with users“, which is focused on how participatory design can help to address complex issues such as sustainability.

ReD Associates Workshop

Cristian Madsbjerg & Jun Lee of ReD Associates will be giving a workshop titled Abductive reasoning – The scientific basis for great social science, and is summed up pretty well by them “This workshop will explore the fundamental scientific basis for why social science makes sense and how to fight against hypothesis driven by management science logic.”

The About page has been updated with some further information on the venue and airport, as well.

Exposed Updates 2.3.09

February 4, 2009

A few updates about Exposed:
– Take note that Early Bird Registration will end February 20th at 11:59. Exposed is already a (relatively) inexpensive conference, so be sure to register by the 20th to take full advantage!
– We’ve updated the People page of the Exposed Website with a few new participants. More information below.


Jay Hasbrouck (Speaker)

Hackers as Healers: Finding Inspiration for Sustainable Technology Design

In addition to improving recycling methods and raising public awareness, we can more effectively address the problem of e-waste by positioning it as a design challenge. Beyond optimizing materials and energy use (as is typical in most life-cycle analysis frameworks), this work proposes integrating a deeper cultural understanding of the ‘use’ phase in which consumers interact with devices by focusing on how they shift in meaning and functionality over time. Taking inspiration from the inventive re-use and re-purposing strategies of the DIY and ‘makers’ movements; and situating them within different cultural understandings of death, dying, and healing; this work points to a set of design directions that might be used to approach the manufacture of electronics in ways that divert more materials from the waste stream by integrating a culturally-informed perspective of product ‘use.’


Jennifer Linde (Workshop-Leader)

What is a trigger script? Why is it useful?
As a member of the performance studies faculty in The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication, I am interested in exploring the connections we can make between creative thinking and productive communication. As part of our SchoolÕs Initiative on Innovative Inquiry, we have been creating a series of trigger scripts that adapt traditional communication scholarship to the stage. Trigger scripting is a performance based technique that allows audiences to process and respond to aesthetic texts. Trigger scripts allow for immediate and productive discussion within a creative process.

Lextant will be giving a workshop

A Method Behind the Magic
A fast paced data synthesis session designed to give participants a taste of analyzing and synthesizing data. Hands-on activities will engage participants and expose the methods behind the magic. Participants will be asked to complete a short online “homework” activity before signing up for this workshop.

Structured around the theme of ‘the ideal mobile phone’, participants will learn how user data can turn into strategic models used for future design and innovation.

A Lil’ Update

January 13, 2009

I’ve given the blog a bit of a visual revamp to reflect the visual identity stuff we’ve been cooking up. We have a lot of interesting ideas for the application of this identity, but the general mark is featured on the blog now.

The general idea behind it is how it symbolizes the conference theme. It is dynamic and looking toward the future, while it exposes the ‘fabric’ beneath it. We plan to use a bunch of different patterns to fill the wordmark, depending on the context, but the main one will be the herringbone pattern you see here.

More about the identity soon. Any ideas or comments welcome!